Friday, February 24, 2012


Hey guys, Connor back, with some awesome news.  First off as you guys can see, I got my first TTM success ever!  It came on a snow day for my school, at a perfect time, as I was mad that my franchise in NBA 2k12 was struggling.  My mom told me I had mail, and when I saw the folded envelope, I was immediately pumped.  I opened up the envelope, and saw amazing stuff, basically another Christmas.  Here is what the contents looked like:
 Inside of the folded letter that answered all of my questions, was a whole number of contents.  The first thing I have to show you guys is the card i sent as well as a bonus!
On the left is the card I sent in, and the right is the extra card he sent back!  I actually got the card on the right from Drew at If any of you guys don't follow him, you should check him out, a great guy and great blog.
The next is the response to my letter.  The response is awesome, answering my questions on advice for a young pitcher who doesn't throw hard (myself) and I will definitely use this advice in the upcoming season!!! (He also wished me the best of luck)
The next is the answer to my question, If you pitched in the majors today which hitters would you be most intimidated to face?  His answered Derek Jeter, and Albert Pujoles (Poholes, he's 93 give 'em a break)
The next is another addition i did not expect, a signed picture, with best wishes inscribed!
The final piece was another awesome part.  I sent an extra index card, and he stamped the dates of his 2 no-no's in the same season, and the fire truck from Virgil "Fire" Trucks, inscribed to me!

The second awesome piece of news was, while video chatting with Drew, I saw the Packers Defensive End (I am a huge Packers fan as well) tweeted if any one wants to play him in a game of Scramble With Friends for iPad/iPhone.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity and tweeted him my name.  He even responded to my tweet, and played me! How many other people can say they beat a professional D-End in Scramble with Friends!!  
Today was an awesome snow day, and I'm glad I happened to be on Twitter at that exact moment!!
Thanks for reading guys!!!


  1. Virgil Trucks is an awesome man. I'm so glad you got this back from him! Congrats man on an amazing day!!!

  2. Great stuff man! I'm glad you were able to get Trucks! He's a true class act for sure. Also, congrats on playing (and beating) a Packers player! Pretty cool!


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