Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Der-ek Je-ter!!!!

Hey guys its me, Connor, back first of all I would like to begin by talking about a special program I saw that aired last night, however I DVR-ed and watched today.  It was an MLB Network special on Topps and the history of baseball cards.  I thought it was incredibly informative and overall a great show and fun to watch.  While watching this I realized I wanted a card (some cards) really badly.  The first is the 2011 Derek Jeter Card.  The Captain is my all-time favorite player and saw the picture on the card and really wanted it.  The next is the 2007 Derek Jeter card.  I really like this card for one special reason that I won't disclose.  Being new to this hobby I would be honored if anyone wanted to trade and would be honored to have Derek Jeter in my collection.  See you guys later!


  1. Are you talking about the 2007 Topps Jeter with George Bush? ALso, I have a 2011 Topps Jeter that I will send your way next week, once I move. Sound good?

  2. Iight yea sounds good thanks, and yes I was!

  3. I was just gonna comment cuz I think I have an extra of the Jeter 2011 card. But looks like William already got to it, thanks man!


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