Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Collection Update

Hey guys, Connor again.  The MLB season is fully underway, as is the varsity/JV high school baseball seasons.  This means less posts from me, however i will try to update as many times as possible.  I recently bought about 4 packs, and don't have the time right now to go into specifics, however they were really good packs.  Among the players were Torii Hunter, Joe Nathan, and Chris Carpenter.  2 of those packs were Topps heritage, my first ever packs of this kind (just thought i'd share that).  Also, while looking through my card sets from over the years, that I had in my closet, I found an Adam Wainwright rookie card!!!  On a different note, my band recently went to Williamsburg on a competition trip.  We had a blast, and our band won every award but 3 (we won about 12).  This felt good especially since last year we didn't do so well.   Any way we stopped in Baltimore, and at one of the gift shops I saw a shirt a I knew I had to get.  An Abott & Castello Whose on First t-shirt! (They had jerseys too, but they were expensive) I will try to post a picture of it, because it is really cool.  I'll see you guys later, and GO YANKEES!!!!!

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