Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Finds that are "Priiiiiime Tiiiiiime"

Well, since I can't really feel my hand right now from writing about 15 letters for TTMs, I figured I take a break from writing and inform you guys on some new finds.  
Although his attempt at baseball wasn't quite "Prime Time", Deion Sanders was one of, if not the best defense backs of all time in the National Football League.  Actually, the way I found this as well as some other cards I still have to scan, was I opened my closet door, and a whole plastic case of Yankee cards fell out.  With the Yanks, his best year, Prime Time boasted a .248 average and a whopping .248 on-base percentage.
The next card is one that i discovered I (or one of my brothers) had while I was talking to Drew from (if any of you guys aren't following him already, go check him out. He has a great blog) This 2011 diamond duos Topps Jeter/DiMaggio card didn't turn out great from the scanner, but I really like this card!
This last set of cards are cards that I got from Santa.  I got a couple packs of Topps, all star break update, as you an see with both the Jeter DJ3K card, which is an awesome card I think, as well as the A-Rod 600th home run card.  I also got an Eduardo Nunez rookie card on the bottom left, a middle infielder with a ton of potential.  The last one on the top right was the Derek Jeter 2011 Topps card. I've been looking for this card since the 2011 Topps were released, because I love the picture, the signature Jeter jump throw.

Welp, now its time to finish up these letters, and wait to see what TTMs I get back.  This is my first year so if any one would happen to know if any of the following players signed with a team:
Matt Stairs
Edgar Renteria
Carl Pavano
Coco Crisp
Andy Sonnanstine 

Thanks in advance,


  1. Awesome post Connor! Best of luck on the TTMs too! From a little research:

    Matt Stairs- Retired in 2011
    Edgar Renteria- Free Agent
    Carl Pavano- Twins
    Coco Crisp- Athletics
    Andy Sonnanstine- Cubs


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