Monday, February 13, 2012

Prime Time Finds, Part 2

Hey guys, I'm back with like what my third post in 2 weeks? Suprising I know.  Anyway I said I still had to scan some cards that fell out of my closet and here they are:
The first card is Tom "Flash" Gordon.  Mainly as the Yankees set up man for the greatest closer of all time, Flash was the bridge to Mo for two years (2004-2005).  In those two years, Gordon boasted a 2.21 and 2.57 era, with 165 K's.
The next cards are Jim Leyritz.  Despite being acquitted of DUI manslaughter, Leyritz had some big hits for the Yanks.  His big hit came in the 1996 World Series. Down 2-1 in the World Series, and 6-0 in the 4th game, Leyritz sparks a comeback with a 3 run home run. Check it out:
This final find is my personal favorite of these 4 finds.  I like the look of this card, a Bowman Heritage Jason Giambi.  I think his off the field drama goes with out saying (with PED's and what not) but you gotta give the guy some credit for admitting it, coming out and apologizing (Roger Clemens).  I personally really like Giambi, as a guy, and the great power hitter he is.  And, he is still playing!!!!

One more thing, tomorrow, most of my TTMs will be send out.  All of them except ones that I will be sending to Mike "Moose" Mussina, Curtis Granderson, and Pat Neshek.  If any of you guys are new to TTMs, like me, definitely send to Pat Neshek and Virgil Trucks.  They both sign everything, and I've heard that Virgil Trucks responds to questions.  Look to my sidebar to see who I have sent to, and my luck of responses!
See ya!


  1. Pretty cool stuff. Good luck with the TTMs!

  2. Nice cards Connor, and awesome post in general! Good luck on the TTMs!


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