Sunday, March 18, 2012

Collection Update-First Ever Ginters Pack Break

Hey guys, it's me Connor.  I'm back with some news on my collection.  I haven't posted a lot over the past week or so mainly because the baseball season and training is fully underway! While this is awesome, by the time I get home from practice and done working out, it is usually like 9:30-10:00!!!  While my blog has been dormant, my collection most certainly has not been!  Over this weekend I bought about 6-7 packs of 2011 Topps update series, for my 2011 Topps set which I am doing.  There were to many awesome pulls to post about tonight, so I'll get to that another time.  But in my various trip to Target, I decided I would switch it up and buy my first ever Allen & Ginters.  Take a look:
I really like the Ginter's design, especially as a refreshing change while buying 2143902423 2011 Topps packs.

Look for a post this week about arguably my favorite off-season move made by the Yankees this year!!!

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  1. Nice stuff Connor! Allen & Ginter is by far my favorite set for TTMs :)


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