Saturday, March 3, 2012

TTM SUCCESSES #'s 3 and 4- 2 DAYS IN A ROW!!!

Hey guys, the past two days have been great.  Between the weather being nice enough for baseball, and the Yankees playing the Phillies in their first SPRING TRAINING GAME!!! Even though I just witnessed my favorite College, Duke get run out of their own gym, I've been having some luck.

The first success I got was from John "Mule" Miles.  I didn't have any cards to send him, so I sent him some Index Cards and a letter in which he answered all of my questions!!!

On the cards he wrote a bunch of quotes, very deep and I definetly will use them in my life as I play the game I, and we all love.  Overall, it is awesome to add an autograph from someone who played in the Negro Leagues.
                                          (I tried to make my scan black and white so it is easier to read)
Here is the letter he sent!!!
The next TTM success I got was Pat Neshek!!!  He is an awesome signer and a collector himself, so If you guys haven't sent him a TTM yet, try him out!!!

Neshek started his career hot with a 2.19 ERA in his rookie year, and a 2.94 ERA in his 2nd year.  Overall he has a 3.21 ERA, which isn't bad.

I like the Neshek card and the autograph, as well as John Miles autograph, and am excited to add both of these cards to my collection.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice successes. Neshek is a great signer.

  2. Awesome successes man! Good luck with the rest of your Spring Training stuff!

  3. The Miller index cards and letter are just great. How cool is having someone go to those lengths? Those kind of successes are what keep you going in this hobby.


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